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About Me

aboutmepicLast updated: March 2010

I am a stay-at-home mom who is always looking for new activities to do with my daughter, Sweet Pea.

When Sweet Pea turned into a toddler,  I quickly ran out of appropriately challenging things for her to do.  I searched the web and library for engaging activities for toddlers and found so many great ideas!   I couldn’t wait to share them with Sweet Pea.  I started this blog in March 2009 so our friends and family could see what we were doing each day and also to try to provide other struggling parents with ideas for activities to do with their own tots.

I especially want our activities to be fun.  I think it’s appropriate for a 2 year old to play with a shape sorter to learn about shapes, for example, and not be quizzed over flash cards.

If you have any comments or questions, you can reach me by email at totschool @ shannons . org.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you find some fun activities to do with your own tot here.