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Halloween Charades

Sweet Pea is 8 years old.

From: I was looking for some activities for Sweet Pea’s classroom Halloween party and got the idea for a game of Halloween themed charades from Since we were going to be playing with beginning readers (1st, 2nd and 3rd graders), I wanted to make Halloween word cards […]

Salted Water Color Paintings

Sweet Pea is 6 years old.

From: I saw this beautiful technique in an issue of Family Fun magazine.


Watercolor paper or other sturdy paper. Watercolor paints or liquid watercolors (Click here to see how we made our own liquid watercolors from dried-out markers.) Paintbrushes. (These Crayola ones are my favorite paint brushes […]

DIY Watercolors from Upcycled Markers

Sweet Pea is 6 years old.

From: I found instructions for this fun and frugal activity from Julie Finn at Crafting a Green World.


Several old dried-out markers in a variety of colors. Pliers. A few small glass or plastic jars with lids. (Julie suggests using old spice jars, but I had […]

Using a Montessori Finger Chart for Addition

Sweet Pea is 6 years old.

Prerequisite: This purpose of this activity is to help with the memorization of addition facts. Your child should already be very familiar with the concept of addition and be able to write all of the numerals from zero to nine.

From: The addition working chart or finger chart […]

Cloud Dough

Sweet Pea was 5 years old.


From: Many people have blogged about Cloud Dough, but I first read about it at Tinkerlab. Cloud Dough is a mixture of flour and oil that creates a really interesting substance. It is somewhat powdery, but easily clumps together when pressed. It is like wet sand, […]

Washi Tape Pencils

Sweet Pea is 6 years old.

From: I got a pack of washi tape on Black Friday last year as a door-buster at a craft store. I didn’t have any idea what to do with it until I saw this cute idea for washi covered pencils at Punk Projects. I modified her method so […]

Child Friendly Kool-Aid Dyed Play Silks

Sweet Pea is 6 years old.

From: Play Silks are a type of beautiful toy commonly used in Waldorf education. You can buy them pre-dyed, but at almost $15 each, it is very expensive to get more than a few colors. There are a zillion blog posts about how to dye play silks, […]

Cooking with Kids: Easy-Peasy Popsicles

Sweet Pea is 6 years old.

From: I often freeze those tubes of yogurt for Sweet Pea. One day, when she asked me to make them, we were out of tubes, but had some yogurt cups, so I offered to try to make popsicles out of those instead and they turned out great!



Bubble Dough

Sweet Pea is 6 years old.


From: I saw this very cool and super easy Bubble Dough recipe from Creative Playhouse and couldn’t wait to try it!


Mixing bowl. 1 cup Cornstarch. 1/4-1/2 cup Liquid dish or hand soap. (We used Dawn.) Dry cloth and a damp sponge for clean […]

Exploding Ivory (Bonus: “How to Make PlaySnot┬« – A New Sensory Material”).

Sweet Pea is 6 years old.

From: This quick little activity is from Our Best Bites.


A brand spanking new bar of Ivory soap. A plate. A microwave.



Put the bar of Ivory soap on the plate and put the plate in the microwave. Set the timer for […]