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Using a Montessori Finger Chart for Addition

Sweet Pea is 6 years old.

Prerequisite: This purpose of this activity is to help with the memorization of addition facts. Your child should already be very familiar with the concept of addition and be able to write all of the numerals from zero to nine.

From: The addition working chart or finger chart […]

Do-a-Dot Numbers

Sweet Pea is 5 years old.

From: Here are the Do-A-Dot number pages! A long time ago, I created a set of uppercase Do-A-Dot letters and since then, many people have asked me to also create number ones. These Do-A-Dot sheets are tedious to make so it took me a while to get them […]

Sorting Coins (& U.S. Coin 3-Part Cards)

Sweet Pea is 5 years old.


From: Sweet Pea is very interested in putting money into her piggy bank so I thought she would like to learn more about coins. I found this coin sorting activity at the Activity Mom.


A variety of different coins. Coin cards. (I created my […]

Domino Addition

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From: This domino math idea was from Erica’s fantastic Confessions of a Homeschooler blog.

Prerequisites: Your child must know how to count to at least 18 and be able to write the numbers from 0 to 18.


Dominos. My domino addition worksheet. ( Right click on link […]

Play-Doh and Craft Stick Number Line

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From: I have had trouble finding anything about learning the teen numbers. Many activities seem to be about only the numbers 1-10, so I was excited when I saw this wonderful math idea at Chalk Talk because I knew I’d be able to extend it all the […]

Foam Shape Puzzles

Sweet Pea is 45 months old.

From: The Activity Mom blogged about these cute foam shape puzzles and Walking by the Way did a slightly easier version of them.


Self-adhesive foam shapes (or non-adhesive shapes and glue). 2 or 3 sheets of card stock or heavy paper. Scissors. Sharpie. Basket or bowl […]

Counting and Banding Spindles

Sweet Pea is 45 months old.

From: I saw a box of cocktail stirrers at Target and thought they would work for the Montessori spindle box activity.


45 sturdy cocktail stirrers (We found ours at Target near the paper cups. I had to buy 2 boxes to get 45 stirrers.), Popsicle sticks […]

Foam Shape Patterns

Sweet Pea is 45 months old.

From: I was inspired by pictures of Foam Shape Puzzles and a Mystery Pattern Blocks game in Erica’s Logical Thinking post at ABC and 123. I thought that the cheap foam shapes would be perfect for a patterning activity.


Self-adhesive foam shapes. (or non-adhesive shapes and […]

Christmas Tree Counting

Sweet Pea is 44 months old.

From: I saw this on Carisa’s 1+1+1=1 blog. She originally got the printables from Musings of Me (which also has some other great Christmas worksheets). I loved the concept, but I don’t have a color printer and wanted the stars to be easier to cut out, so […]

Intro to Geometry: Curved or Straight

Sweet Pea is 43 months old.

From: I found this really quick activity at Sunbeams and Sanity, who found it on Montessori for Everyone.


Curved or Straight Worksheet # 1 and Curved or Straight Worksheet # 2 (These are both .pdf files and require Foxit or Adobe Acrobat to view them.) You can […]