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Penny Drop Game

Sweet Pea is 39 months old.

From: I was inspired by this penny drop game at Tired, Need Sleep.


10 Muffin tin liners, coffee filters or paper circles. 2 Crayons. 10 Pennies.


Let your tot color half of the circles one color while you color the remaining ones a different […]

Sticker Number Line

Sweet Pea is 38 months old.

From: This really fast activity is from Life with My Giggly Girls, who originally got it from No Time For Flashcards.


Stickers. Sheet of paper. Marker.


Fold the paper into 3-10 sections, depending on your tot’s counting ability.

Unfold the paper and […]

Portioning Nuts

Sweet Pea is 37 months old.

From: I love these new Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds and I bought a huge tub of them from Sam’s Club. However, if I let myself eat them straight out of the jar, I could devour my entire days worth of calories in one sitting. Faced with such […]

Animal Counting Cards for Milk Cap Numbers

Sweet Pea is 33 months old.

From: These are cards I developed to be used with milk cap numbers. (I promise this is the last one of these number cap activities for a while!) If you want something with larger numbers (up to 10), try my animal counting worksheets (which can be cut […]

Snowflake Counting with Milk Cap Numbers

Sweet Pea is 33 months old.

From: After creating the milk cap numbers, this was the first activity I devised to go with them. We did not have a whole lot of luck with these worksheets, but I wanted to post them because I thought that they might be useful for other […]

Milk Cap Numbers & Animal Counting Worksheets

Sweet Pea is 32 months old.

From: Someone commented on my Milk Cap Letter page and asked for me to make a Milk Cap Number template. I made up the Milk Cap Numbers, but then struggled with how I would use them until I came up with the idea for the worksheets listed below.


Grid Game with Jumbo Dice

Sweet Pea is 30 months old.

From: I read about a grid game on Amy’s great blog Teach Mama, where she stated that she originally got the idea from this Explorations blog. I modified her idea because I happened to have a jumbo sized die that I […]