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Crayola Stampers

Sweet Pea is 34 months old.

From: I saw these Crayola Stampers on sale at Target and thought they would be a lot of fun for Sweet Pea.

  • Crayola Stampers.
  • Paper.

Observations: These are supposed to be like markers, but with a fun shape on the tip, so you can stamp a shape instead of drawing a line.   I had visions of Sweet Pea’s excitement over being able to stamp out a smiley face or a heart.  I thought they would work great for a pattern matching exercise too.

Unfortunately, I was very wrong about these being fun for Sweet Pea.  For starters, the caps were on so tightly that and she couldn’t open them by herself.

She couldn’t make much more than a brightly colored smear on the paper no matter how many times I tried to help her push the stampers straight down.  Any nice crisp shapes you see on the paper are from my demonstrations.

Pretty much, she was just mystified about why she couldn’t make the pretty shapes that I was making.

I would not recommend these for other tots.

On the plus side, I had a pretty good time with them and I do think an older child would enjoy them.   I also think they would be good for stamping boxes in a homemade chore chart or something like that.

Notes from the Trenches: These stampers are messy and frustrating for a 2 year old.  Don’t buy them for this age group.

Rating: 1 Stars * (Easy to set up, but not much else.)

2 comments to Crayola Stampers

  • I bought those by mistake (thinking that they will be more like do-a-dots) when Anna was Sweet Pea’s age. She played with them for about… umm… 10 minutes total since. I agree with your review – they look fun, but not very usable for young children.

  • Selena loves her stampers! She has a blast stamping up everything!

    I popped over to say hi from the We teach board. I look forward to following your blog!

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