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CLOSED: Pegs & Peg Boards

This Giveaway is now CLOSED.

I ordered some pegs and peg boards from the Oriental Trading Company and received  more than we will ever use.  Instead of letting the extras sit in a box in our basement, I am giving away 2 of the sets.  Each set contains 1 peg board and 30 randomly colored pegs.

To enter the contest, just leave a comment below that briefly describes one your tot’s favorite activities.  It can be any activity, but I am always looking for new  ideas, so I would prefer something I have not posted about yet.  If a description of the activity is posted on your (or another) blog, please feel free to leave a link directly to that post, too.

Winners will be contacted on Thursday, January 14, 2010 and announced shortly thereafter.  You must leave a valid email when you submit your comment so I can contact you in the event that you win the contest.  I am using to select the winning comment numbers.  The deadline for entry is Wednesday January 13, 2010 at 11:59pm.

I haven’t run a giveaway before so I hope I’m not forgetting anything.  🙂


EDITED TO ADD: U.S. Residents only.  I’m sorry, but I’m sure I can’t afford to mail these out of the country.


28 comments to CLOSED: Pegs & Peg Boards

  • I would love to win your give away! I’m new to your blog, so hopefully this idea is new to you.

    My boys love floor driving. I put masking tape (or colored tape) on the floor and let them drive cars around. Sometimes we put little houses around the roads, trees, etc. They will drive around for at least an hour or so.

    You can see more at

  • Right now Bear’s favorite activity is play dough, so that is nothing new, but she really enjoyed making sandpaper letters and numbers today. Another activity we did recently is this: She quite enjoyed this and it led to so many more activities. The whole thing lasted at least an hour.

  • My little one will entertain herself with water for hours! Outside water activities of course, but this winter we’ve been doing lots of playing in the kitchen sink!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    Lydia likes to color with crayons and the water color paints. She also likes to cook so we have been making homemade dog bones for the local animal shelter.

  • Hi Shannon!

    We love art around here, so our Rainbow Rice sensory box is tons of fun ( We also enjoy water-coloring on Sea Shells ( and our Alphabet Box is educational and fun!! (

    pink and green mama

  • aj

    my toddler loves playing with the cheerios and raisins counting playbooks. we do this for breakfast once every two weeks, putting the cheerios on the pages and then eating them and then doing the raisins (then switching books with her brother)…soon breakfast is finished and i have had an hour to do dishes while watching.

  • Tara

    Those pegboards look like fun. I really enjoy the ideas on your blog. I can’t remember which are new, but here are a few that my little guy is really enjoying….taking things apart (broken toys that we don’t need anymore, etc), beads – large beads on a shoelace, piece of boondoggle, or thread with masking tape over the end (like a shoelace), his own scrapboook – extra pictures he can cut, glue, put stickers on, etc….or bean pouring…empty cups or bowls, and then dried beans that he can scoop or pour from one to another.

  • My Toddlers Love to color and play with there Dolls and there leapster

  • Heather

    Thanks for so many great ideas on your blog!! My 33 month old son loves water… scooping, pouring, waterings our garden, as well as taking a “shower” with the hose.

  • Tricia Ortega

    Oh, we would love these peg boards. They played with some at a friends and really enjoyed themselves.

    Okay, these ideas probably aren’t new either, but my guys like lacing beads (and then they find other things the beads will fit on, like their drum sticks or apron strings), they also love drumming with sticks and old cans, bowls, and pots, they like playdoh, and painting, and they like carpet skating: wax paper wrapped over their socks and then they “skate” all over the floor.

  • Daniela

    my toddler loves magnets! and water play – which toddler doesn’t 🙂
    he would love the pegs, thanks for the opportunity!

  • Bella loves putting together puzzles. We started her out on 4-5 piece ones but now she prefers the 25-30 piece ones. Her favorite new activity is lacing cards. She’ll sit and lace all day if I let her!

  • Paula Hafner

    I purchased several old games from yard sales and thrift store and put them together into a plastic bin. My son who is almost 3, loves to lay the boards out, roll the dice, spin the spinners sort the cards, etc. My 9 year old loves to invent games with the pieces. I typically can find the games for $ .25-$ .99. If I happen to buy a game missing only a piece or two then I’ll look in the bin to see if I happen to have it.

  • My Toddler loves pretty much any baking project (good for all sorts of fine motor skill practice) and water transfers… Both are on my tot school page for this week

  • I recently started homeschooling my toddler, he loves hammering in my husband’s golf tees in styrofoam. Here is a pic from our blog:

    My son has used peg boards before & enjoys them. The one we have are borrowed from our library. I would love to have a set of them (money is tight so I do not want to spend right now). Both my boys are using the peg boards I checked out from the library & enjoy them.

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this awesome generous giveaway. I appreciate it!

  • Pufferfish’s latest favorite activity is using the computer! We have a special kid-safe browser for her and Little Bear (KidZui… the basic version is free!) and she can just maneuver her way around it! I really think it has helped her start learning her ABC’s and numbers, plus she has already learned to use a mouse and everything! She absolutely loves the video of the kittens singing the “Joy joy joy” song!
    Thanks for the great ideas and the giveaway!

  • A giveaway! How fun!

    Let’s see, Maddie’s favorite activity would either be anything with the Dot Stampers OR with the sensory tub. Right now, it’s a winter theme (cotton balls, pinecones, cranberries (red marbles), little buckets and little peg people. She will spend FOREVER with the objects, using her imagination and pretend playing about the figures. Great fun!

  • Monica Lavoie

    My little one loves to color and draw on her Magnadoodle. She also loves playing our Wii drumset. 🙂

  • Shann

    My toddler LOVES to paint, bake, and play with water. I’ve been wanting to get a peg board but have not able to afford it yet.

  • katie

    nathan loves to smear paint all over paper and then “unpaint” with his fingers, spoons, forks, etc. This week we worked on spelling his name with this activity!

  • Anna’s favorite activity would be Lego blocks or, sadly, TV. We only allow her 30 minutes a day, but she makes sure that she gets them.

  • Our favorite Tot Tray activity . . . often involves using chop sticks or tongs and pulling them out of a tub and transferring them to an unusual shaped bowl. They also like it when I give them water with food coloring and they can mix the colors. Thanks for such a great giveaway! We have been wanting some pegs!!

  • Erin

    My 3yo son’s favorite activities include building with blocks or Lincoln logs and helping me cook. I’ve just started trying to introduce more activities like the ones you write about here and I’m so glad I found your blog!

  • Our favorite activities are going out and exploring nature together as a family. I LOVE finding ways to do nature studies even for the very young. Our favorite nature study was exploring a creek bed. You can read about it here:

  • One of DS’ favorite activities is playing with his bean sensory box. It is filled with a lot of dried beans and we do a lot of different activities with it, like pouring, measuring, driving trucks and cars through it, throwing beans on the ground. You can see him playing with it on my blog here and here

  • brooke

    Lil Kiwi likes to organize. So, we take the big soft building blocks and seperate by color, size, shape, etc. then we build and knock down… Then work on balancing all the same colors of different shapes as high as possible. It’s just silly play to her but I know it’s working and covering so many different areas of learning.

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