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Kumon Let’s Sticker & Glue Book

Sweet Pea is 23 months.


After Sweet Pea’s trouble with the tiny Where’s George Stickers a couple of weeks ago, I was really excited about finding this Kumon Let’s Sticker & Paste book at Target.  It has pages designed for sticking and gluing specifically provided stickers and cut-outs.  For example, the first page is an ocean, and there were 3 fish stickers for Sweet Pea to put on the page.  As the book progresses the positions for the stickers / glued cut-outs get more refined (like suggesting that your tot put a monkey in a tree, instead of just anywhere on the page).


There were a couple of other books for tots on coloring and cutting, but I didn’t think Sweet Pea was old enough for them quite yet.  She loved the sticker book though.  I only let her do 3 pages (per a suggestion in the book), but I think she would have been happy to keep working for a while longer.  One thing that was especially cute was that she wanted to show some of the stickers to her bunny before she put them on the page.


Notes from the Trenches: Sweet Pea wanted to pull the stickers back off the page after she had stuck them, but they weren’t really designed for that.

Rating: 3 Stars  (Fun, Easy, Independent)

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