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Letter Search with Stickers

Sweet Pea is 36 months old.

From: The Activity Mom did this quick letter matching activity, which I think originally came from Crunchy and Green.


  • Alphabet stickers.  (You can get these almost anywhere.  We found ours at Target.)
  • Letter matching worksheets.  (Start with the partial alphabets worksheets on the top row and only use the complete alphabet if your tot needs more of a challenge.)

Upper Case A-G
Upper Case H-N
Upper Case O-T
Upper Case U-Z
A-Z A-Z    
Upper Case A-Z
lower case a-z


  • Cut the sheet of alphabet stickers into 4 sections.  The first section should only contain the letters A-G , the second should contain H-N, next O-T, and lastly U-Z.
  • Show your tot the first A-G letter worksheets and the corresponding A-G section of alphabet stickers.

  • Peel off the first sticker and search for the corresponding letter on the worksheet as you say, “I have an “A” sticker here. Now let’s see if I can find the letter “A” on this worksheet…”
  • When you find the correct letter on the worksheet, stick the sticker to it.
  • Let your tot try.

  • If your tot stays interested, move on to the other worksheets.

Observations: The first time we tried this, I planned on having Sweet Pea match upper case stickers to the lower case letter worksheet, but that turned out to be far too difficult for her.  Next we tried matching upper case stickers to the upper case worksheet with the entire alphabet on it.  Unfortunately, this was still too difficult for her and didn’t really hold her interest.  However, I’ve included both of those worksheets in the materials section above, in case your tot is ready for them.

In the end, I had to make up new worksheets that only contained a few letters on each one.   I also had to cut the stickers sheets into strips so that Sweet Pea was only working with the letters that also showed up on her worksheet.  This simplified version kept her attention better, but this still wasn’t really one of our best activities.

I have a feeling that this should have gone over better than it did, but I don’t know why it didn’t keep her interest.  However,  because this activity is so quick and easy (especially since I’ve already made up the letter worksheets for you), I would probably recommend it.  I do think it would be an especially good activity for a tot tray.

Rating: 3 Stars * (Fun, Easy, Independent)

8 comments to Letter Search with Stickers

  • Very cute!! I’ll have to save those for when my tot is older.

  • Ooo, I want to try this one. I think I will also have my 5 year old do it – and also have him put lowercase stickers on the uppercase page and vice versa.

  • Glad you gave it a try! Isn’t it interesting when the things you think for sure will be a hit don’t go over well? =) That happens to me a lot. Give it another try in a few months! =)

    PS awesome printables! Great idea and thanks for sharing those!

  • Love this activity – not sure if my boys would be ready for it – but they do love their letters – so I think we may give it a try. I was trying to follow you with the Google thing – but it is giving me a hard time – so I bookmarked you and I’ll be back later to try!

    Have a great day!

  • I got these same stickers. We used them for spelling out words like cat and dog and such.

  • Sherry Powell

    I downloaded and printed out the Letter Search with stickers for my 2 y/o. We are having a lot of fun with this simple activity, and the stickers are sealing the deal with my toddler. However, I couldn’t help to notice you have accidentally left out the letter ‘W’ on the last page of printouts. Specifically the Upper Case U-Z page. Otherwise my toddler doesn’t notice the difference and is still enjoying the activity! So happy I found this site, it has become a lifesaver.

  • Sherry Powell

    My toddler loves sticking the stickers and I even added a crayon so she can color on the pages for extra fun. I did notice the letter ‘W’ was left off of the Upper Case U-Z page I printed out. This hasn’t stopped us from having fun though

  • […] found this great letter matching activity here. I love that it was a challenge for her to match the stickers with the letter on the sheet. It also […]

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