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Paper Punch Art

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From: Sweet Pea wanted to make a card for her grandpa one day and I had the idea to let her use flower shapes from a paper punch.


  • A few different shapes of craft paper punches (We used a multi-flower punch.)
  • Several colors of paper.
  • Glue.
  • Small cup or plate to hold the glue. (Optional)
  • Paintbrush. (Optional)


  • Use the paper punches to create several different shapes in a variety of colors.
  • Squeeze out a bit of glue into a small cup or plate.
  • Have your tot select one of the punched paper shapes.

  • Show your tot how to dip the back end of a paint brush into the glue, rub it on a punched shape, and glue it to another piece of paper (or a blank card).

  • Allow your tot to continue adding shapes until he is satisfied with his picture.

Observations: Sweet Pea likes any activity that involves glue.

She had a lot of fun stacking the flower pieces on top of each other, but I think any fun craft punch shapes would work for this activity.

This was quick to set up and Sweet Pea enjoyed it.  I wouldn’t buy craft punches specifically for this, but if you have any around your house, you might want to try this.

Notes from the Trenches:  Sweet Pea had a terrible time with the glue bottle.  She wasn’t able to squeeze the bottle hard enough to get any out so I poured some glue into a cup and let her dab it on the paper with the end of the paintbrush.

Originally I though Sweet Pea would be able to operate the paper punch on her own, but it required too much strength and she couldn’t punch it down at all.  An older child could probably operate it on his own, but I don’t think many 4 year-olds could work the one that we own.

Rating: 4 Stars * (Fun, Easy, Independent, Frugal if you have a few craft punches around.)

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