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Planting a Flower


From: My mother suggested this activity.

Procedure: We bought plastic sandbox tools from Babies R Us for $1 each and a marigold plant from the local grocery store.  My mom had a couple of terra cotta pots and a small watering can.

We gave Sweet Pea one of the pots and showed her how to shovel dirt out of it to make a hole for the new plant.


Next we put the marigold into the hole and gave her another pot filled with dirt.  We showed her how to scoop dirt from that pot back around the sides of the plant.


We filled up a little watering can and let her pour it into the pot.


Then we posed for pictures with our newly potted marigold.


Observations: By far, Sweet Pea’s favorite part was the watering.  In fact, we are pretty sure that the marigold isn’t going to make it.  🙂    I may do a future activity with only a watering can and buckets.


This activity was messy, required quite a bit of parental involvement and was not especially frugal, but I would do it again.  Sweet Pea seemed to take it seriously and was engaged for a very long time.

Notes from the Trenches: Definitely an outside activity.  Also, you certainly would want to get a sturdy (and cheap) plant because a toddler isn’t really equipped with the ability to treat it gently.

Rating: 1 star (Fun) *

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