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I’ve decided to start rating activities based on the 4 things that are most important to me.

  1. EASY: How easy is the project to set up? The project will get 1 star if I can I make it in a few minutes while Sweet Pea is hanging onto my leg and begging me to play with her.
  2. FRUGAL: How cheap is this project? The activity earns another star if we can do it without purchasing anything. If it uses stuff I have around the house (toilet paper rolls, cotton balls, beans, etc), it is considered frugal.
  3. FUN: Does Sweet Pea like doing this? I’ll give the project another star if it keeps Sweet Pea entertained for at least 10-15 minutes? Obviously this might change as she ages.
  4. INDEPENDENT: How involved do I have to be? Obviously all these activities require supervision, but it gets another star if she can work independently once I get her set up.

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