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Sticker Number Line

Sweet Pea is 38 months old.

From: This really fast activity is from Life with My Giggly Girls, who originally got it from No Time For Flashcards.


  • Stickers.
  • Sheet of paper.
  • Marker.


  • Fold the paper into 3-10 sections, depending on your tot’s counting ability.

  • Unfold the paper and draw a line along each of the folds to create several boxes.
  • Start with the number 1 and continue writing consecutive numbers in each of the remaining boxes.

  • Sit next to your tot with your numbered paper and the sheet of stickers.
  • Point to the number 1 and say, “Do you know what number this is?”  Praise your tot for the correct answer or gently suggest the right answer.  Say, “Since this is the number 1, we are going to put 1 sticker in this box.”  Have your tot put 1 sticker in the corresponding box.
  • Next point to the number 2 and repeat the interaction, giving more or less help as needed.  Continue until you are out of boxes or your tot runs out of steam.

Observations: This was super fast to put together and Sweet Pea enjoyed it.   She could do the smaller numbers by herself, but needed a little help with the larger ones.

The only down side was that Sweet Pea finished it fairly quickly so it didn’t hold her attention for very long.  When she had completed the entire sheet, she was so happy that she jumped off her stool and started dancing.

After which, doing another sticker number line paled in comparison to more dancing.

This activity was so easy to set up though, that I’m sure we will do it again soon.  I would highly recommend it as a quick activity for other tots.

Notes from the Trenches: I also tried making a sheet with the numbers out of order, but Sweet Pea didn’t like that one at all.  It might be a good idea for tots who need more of a challenge though.

Rating: 3 Stars * (Fun, Easy, Frugal)


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