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Sticker Shapes

Sweet Pea is 34 months old. (Oh, I groan every time I have to increment this.  How bittersweet.)

From: I found this idea on the very useful Confessions of a Homeschooler blog.  We originally used the shape tracing template (.pdf file requires Foxit or Adobe Acrobat) from Coloring Castle.



  • Print out the shape outline worksheet.
  • Peel the backing off of the star labels if your tot still has difficulty with stickers.
  • Sit next to your tot and explain that he or she will get to use the star stickers to make shapes.  You may want to discuss the names of the shapes.
  • Show your tot how to peel off a star label and stick it on one of the shape outlines on the worksheet, as you say, “I’m going to put this sticker on the outline of the Heart shape.”
  • Let your tot peel off the next star label.  You may need to point to the outline to direct him/her where to put the sticker.
  • Let your tot keep peeling and sticking.

Observations: This activity was really quick and easy to set up and Sweet Pea had a great time with it.  She didn’t work on it too long, but I think she will enjoy going back to it again later.  I would recommend this activity for other tots.

I  found it interesting that Sweet Pea did not finish any one shape before moving on to the next one.   She would stick a few stars labels on one shape outline and then just add a few more too another random shape.

However, Sweet Pea did refuse to mix the colors of star labels that she used for each different shape, so I had to provide her with an additional sheets of star labels when she ran out of a chosen color (even though there were plenty of stars left in other colors).

Notes from the Trenches: The star labels can really get stuck on things (like the floor) and do not come off easily if they are not removed promptly.

Rating: 4 Stars * (Fun, Easy, Independent, Frugal – if you have any sort of small stickers or labels.)


2 comments to Sticker Shapes

  • Glad to see you doing this activity! My daughter loved playing with all the little stickers! And yes, we too had stickers all over, mostly on my daughter ;o)

  • I love the egg letter matching idea. How adorable. We did the egg sound game, but I had to hot glue the eggs shut because my daughter will open them and eat what’s inside. I have no idea what’s in each egg, but she loves shaking them to music.

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