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Cooking with Kids: Banana Ice Cream

Sweet Pea is 5 years old.

From: I first saw this cool (ha!) and extremely healthy snack idea at The Kitchn.


Very ripe bananas. Cutting Board. Table knife. Small ziplock baggie. Milk (optional). A food processor, blender, magic bullet, etc. Toppings & Mix-Ins: 1/4 tsp vanilla extract, 2 TBS chocolate chips, 1 TBS […]

Cooking with Kids: Peanut Butter Balls

Sweet Pea is 5 years old.

From: I found this very kid friendly (and almost healthy) recipe in Family Fun Magazine. I have modified the recipe a bit for clarity and because I thought that original size of the peanut butter balls was too large.


Peanut butter ball recipe. […]

20 Ways Your Preschooler Can Help In The Kitchen


I call 5:30pm the “Witching Hour” in our house because I am usually up to my elbows in raw hamburger, my husband is texting me that he will be home late, the dog is scratching at the back door to be let out, and Sweet Pea is invariably whining about some article of […]

Cooking with Kids: Tuna Peppers

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From: This healthy recipe from my Great Aunt Grace is great for little hands.


6 oz canned / pouch light tuna. 20-30 Mild Whole Peppadew Peppers (The original recipe actually calls for Tennessee cheese peppers, but those are impossible to locate in our part […]

Whisking Flour and Water

Sweet Pea is 31 months old.

From: This was created in a frazzled moment of “I barely have time to feed us, much less do a Tot School activity, because I have way overextended myself this holiday season.” This is a quick activity for those times when you are rushing around the […]