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Father’s Day Gift: DIY Collar Stays

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From: I was inspired by a PostSecret that said something like, “Even though I’m a millionaire, I make my own collar stays out of empty cereal boxes.”


A collar stay taken from your shirt or my collar stay template. Empty Kleenex Box or any type of […]


Penny Drop Game

Sweet Pea is 39 months old.

From: I was inspired by this penny drop game at Tired, Need Sleep.


10 Muffin tin liners, coffee filters or paper circles. 2 Crayons. 10 Pennies.


Let your tot color half of the circles one color while you color the remaining ones a different […]


Rubbing Plates

Sweet Pea is 38 months old.

From: A couple of months ago, we tried to make our own rubbing plates out of hot glue and cardboard, but they did not work very well. When I saw a set of Roylco ready-made rubbing plates at Hobby Lobby, I thought we would give them […]


Thank You Notes

Sweet Pea is 32 months old.

From: I started doing this a while ago so that Sweet Pea could be involved in writing thank you notes for her gifts. After Christmas this year, we had several thank you notes to write.


Blank note cards and envelopes. (I like these from Target because they […]


Kumon Let’s Color

Sweet Pea is 26 months.


Kumon Let’s Color (I bought mine from Target.) Crayola Twistables Crayons ( I also found these at Target.)

Procedure: The book itself and each page contains instructions for presentation.

Observations: The book has a lot of instructions for a coloring book, which I liked. The first page discusses […]