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Edible Marbled Easter Eggs

Sweet Pea is 5 years old.

From: Many people have asked me if my original Marbled Easter Eggs are edible. I always respond by saying that I don’t recommend eating them. Since the egg shells are porous enough for dye to leak through and stain the egg whites, I imagine that the shaving […]


Beautiful Marbled Eggs

Sweet Pea is 47 months old.

NOTE: Are you looking for an edible version of this activity that can be used with real eggs? Read my Beautiful EDIBLE Marble Egg post!

From: I love the look of marbled Easter eggs and decided to try our marbled paper technique to create […]


Grinding Egg Shells

Sweet Pea is 36 months old.

From: I was browsing through the Montessori Services website when I came across a Grinding Activity Set. I though that Sweet Pea would love something like this and since it was right after Easter, I just happened to have a bunch of dyed, hard-boiled eggs in my […]


Letter Matching Eggs

Sweet Pea is 35 months old.

From: I am not sure where I first saw this idea, but This Little Project posted about a letter matching egg game and Crunchy and Green also posted about it, along with some other good ideas for plastic eggs.


26 Plastic eggs. Permanent marker. 2 Baskets or […]


Sound Eggs or “A Descent into Hysteria” – Part 2

Sweet Pea is 35 months old.

From: This activity is based on the Montessori sound cylinders work. It is a great way to use some of those plastic eggs that are laying around after Easter and I’ve seen it in a ton of places (most recently on Giving Up On A Clean House and […]


Egg to Carton Transfer

Sweet Pea is 25 months.

From: I think this was just an idea I had at Easter when I saw this pair of cute little egg dipper tongs at Micheals. It turns out that Sweet Pea couldn’t use the dippers at all yet. However, she had such a great time transferring plastic eggs into […]