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Sequencing Cards

Sweet Pea was 4 years old.

From: One of our friends gave us a set of Brain Quest Cards and Sweet Pea went crazy over the ones that involved story sequencing. Sequencing is a great early literacy activity so I found heavy cardboard sequencing cards on Amazon. I also bought a workbook of cut […]

Mighty Mind

Sweet Pea is 47 months old.

From: I kept seeing the Mighty Mind product pop up on my Amazon recommendations and decided to try it. (Apparently Amazon thinks I am a 4 year-old child. All my recommendations are decidedly geared towards the preschool set. You think I might enjoy reading the new Jean Auel’s […]

Foam Shape Puzzles

Sweet Pea is 45 months old.

From: The Activity Mom blogged about these cute foam shape puzzles and Walking by the Way did a slightly easier version of them.


Self-adhesive foam shapes (or non-adhesive shapes and glue). 2 or 3 sheets of card stock or heavy paper. Scissors. Sharpie. Basket or bowl […]

Matching Game

Sweet Pea is 29 months old.


6-12 pairs of matching picture cards. ( I found a cute little Nemo Matching Game in Target’s Dollar Spot, but obviously you could play this with any Memory card game set or even make your own.)


Go […]