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Letter Matching Eggs

Sweet Pea is 35 months old.

From: I am not sure where I first saw this idea, but This Little Project posted about a letter matching egg game and Crunchy and Green also posted about it, along with some other good ideas for plastic eggs.


26 Plastic eggs. Permanent marker. 2 Baskets or […]


Egg to Carton Transfer

Sweet Pea is 25 months.

From: I think this was just an idea I had at Easter when I saw this pair of cute little egg dipper tongs at Micheals. It turns out that Sweet Pea couldn’t use the dippers at all yet. However, she had such a great time transferring plastic eggs into […]


“Sound Eggs” or “A Descent into Hysteria”

Blissful Moments [Link Removed because the blog is now private.] had a great idea for tot school of using plastic Easter eggs as a sound matching activity. I had seen something like this a while ago and was interested in the idea of using the eggs as containers. I was pretty enthusiastic […]