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Collecting Pom-Poms

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From: When Sweet Pea began to tire of the Tape Maze, I extended it with this activity.


Masking Tape. A handful of pom-poms or cotton balls Small bucket or bowl.


Set up a tape maze as I described in the Tape Maze activity. Have […]

Transfering Pom-Poms with a Clothespin

Sweet Pea is 41 months old.

From: I saw this quick Pegging Pom-Poms activity on All Join In.


Clothespins. Ice cube tray. Pom-Poms or cotton balls. (You will need as many pom-poms as there are spaces in your ice cube tray.) Bowl or basket for the pom-poms.


Put the […]

Contact Paper Collage

Sweet Pea is 36 months old.

From: I saw this really fun contact paper collage at What Do We Do All Day?


Contact paper. Scissors. Masking (or other removable) tape. Several bowls or baskets Different types of materials appropriate for sticking on a collage. (We used scraps of paper, pom poms, wooden […]