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Using a Gravy Separator (and an Introduction to Density)

Sweet Pea is 5 years old.

Intro: This is a super easy practical life lesson with a good dose of science. During the holidays, Sweet Pea saw my gravy separator and wanted to know what it was, so I set up this quick little activity for her on the spot.

Prerequisite: Your tot should be […]


Scientific Prediction and Observation: Sink or Float?

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From: “Sink or Float” is a common activity in Montessori classrooms, but I also found a ton of examples on other blogs : No Time for Flash Cards, The Activity Mom, Skip To My Lou, and Living Montessori Now.


A large clear jar or bowl filled with […]


Introduction to Scientific Observation: Dancing Raisins

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.


From: I have been looking forward to getting a lab kit for Sweet Pea so I was very excited when I found a Primary Science Set that was suitable for preschoolers. The kit included 10 activity cards and this “Dancing Raisins” activity was one […]


Polishing Pennies

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From: This idea was from Quirky Momma.


1/4 cup Vinegar. 1 tsp Salt. A small (non-metal) bowl for the vinegar and salt. A bowl of water. Several grubby pennies. Rags for scrubbing the pennies. Towels for containing the mess.



Mix the salt and vinegar […]


Playing at the Sink

Sweet Pea is 24 months old.

From: My mom suggested this. She says that she used to do this with me when I was a tot. 🙂


Sink. Sturdy chair or step stool. Sponge, measuring cups, old produce (like a carrot or piece of lettuce), dish wand or other […]


Planting a Flower

From: My mother suggested this activity.

Procedure: We bought plastic sandbox tools from Babies R Us for $1 each and a marigold plant from the local grocery store. My mom had a couple of terra cotta pots and a small watering can.

We gave Sweet Pea one of the pots and showed her how […]