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Sorting Coins (& U.S. Coin 3-Part Cards)

Sweet Pea is 5 years old.


From: Sweet Pea is very interested in putting money into her piggy bank so I thought she would like to learn more about coins. I found this coin sorting activity at the Activity Mom.


A variety of different coins. Coin cards. (I created my […]

Using Tweezers to Sort Pony Beads

Sweet Pea is 47 months old.

From: This is another activity suggested in John Bowman’s new book Montessori at Home (I am giving away a copy here.)


Tweezers (I used rounded-tip beading tweezers). A bowl of pony beads in 4 different colors 4 Small bowls.


Sit near your tot […]

Sound Eggs or “A Descent into Hysteria” – Part 2

Sweet Pea is 35 months old.

From: This activity is based on the Montessori sound cylinders work. It is a great way to use some of those plastic eggs that are laying around after Easter and I’ve seen it in a ton of places (most recently on Giving Up On A Clean House and […]

Sorting Stickers

Sweet Pea is 31 months old.

From: I bought a cheapo sticker & album set from the Dollar Store. When I gave it to Sweet Pea, she started sorting the stickers by color all on her own. I was pretty impressed that she had made up her own Tot School activity with it.


Sorting Colored Pom-Poms with Tongs

Sweet Pea is 27 months old.

From: I saw these nesting multi-colored gift boxes and thought they would make an excellent color sorting activity.


Several different colored containers (I bought my gift box set from the party section in Hobby Lobby, but think that colored toddler bowls or nesting cups would work well […]

Sorting the Counting Bears

Sweet Pea is 23 months old.

A few weeks ago I wandered into The Supply Closet (a teacher supply store) and found some counting bears that I had read about on 1+1+1=1 . The bears I bought were actually a little different and more expensive than the ones Carissa recommended because there are more […]