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Child Friendly Kool-Aid Dyed Play Silks

Kid Friendly Play Silk Recipe (Shannon's Tot School)

Sweet Pea is 6 years old.

From: Play Silks are a type of beautiful toy commonly used in Waldorf education. You can buy them pre-dyed, but at almost $15 each, it is very expensive to get more than a few colors. There are a zillion blog posts about how to dye play […]


2012 Gift Ideas


I always get asked for Christmas gift ideas so I’ve updated last year’s list to include some of the our favorite toys from this year. Since Sweet Pea has outgrown some of her old toys and discovered new ones, I’ve also put down a suggested age range next to each item. All of my toy […]


Acorn Cap Jewels


Sweet Pea is 5 years old.


From: I found these beautiful acorn cap jewels at Homemade Serenity.


Acorn Caps. (Acorn caps by themselves should be fine, but immediately bake whole acorns for 1-2 hours in a 170 degree oven to kill any insects that are hiding inside!) Glue. Colored Markers. […]


Modern Art with a Matchbox Car


Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From: This activity was inspired by Deborah’s description of an “oldie but goodie” on her excellent Teach Preschool blog.


Paper. Jelly roll tray. Kid’s craft paint Small toy cars. Smock or bib for your tot (optional).


Place a piece of paper on the jelly […]


Mighty Mind


Sweet Pea is 47 months old.

From: I kept seeing the Mighty Mind product pop up on my Amazon recommendations and decided to try it. (Apparently Amazon thinks I am a 4 year-old child. All my recommendations are decidedly geared towards the preschool set. You think I might enjoy reading the new Jean […]


Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mold

Sweet Pea is 32 months old.

From: Our good friends gave Sweet Pea this Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mold Clay Set for Christmas.

Observations: The set comes with 4 different colors of dough and several wooden tools for rolling, cutting and stamping it. Sweet Pea really loves everything about this kit […]


Pegs and Pegboards

Sweet Pea is 32 months old.

From: I can’t remember where I saw these first, but I ordered some from the Oriental Trading Company several months ago.


Pegs and a Peg Board (FYI: I am currently running a giveaway for some of our extra ones here.)

Observations: I tried to show […]


A Bike for Christmas

Sweet Pea is 31 months old.

Sweet Pea has been asking for a bike ever since she saw her Grandpa riding one last summer. When we asked her what she wanted for Christmas, she begged for a “blue bike! blue bike!”, so Santa (Thank You Aunt Jackie!) brought Sweet Pea a balance bike […]


Foam Puzzles

Sweet Pea is 31 months old.

From: We got this set of 4 foam puzzles as a gift from Sweet Pea’s grandma.


Foam Puzzles (I couldn’t find the exact set that we were given. Here is a link to an uppercase and lowercase puzzle that Carissa from 1+1+1=1 recommends, plus […]


Melissa & Doug – Cutting Food Box

Sweet Pea is 27 months old.

From: We bought this Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box at a local toy store.



Observations: This set contains a wooden knife and cutting board, along with several painted wooden food items. Each piece of food is composed of several sections that are […]