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Take 2 – Design-A-Mug: Worst Gift Ever

(Sorry if you saw an unfinished version of this in your rss feed earlier.  This is the finished post.)


I found this cute “Design-A-Mug” kit at Micheal’s and thought it would make a great Father’s Day craft for Sweet Pea.


  • Design-A-Mug kit which contains a mug and several “permanent” markers.


I had grand ideas about  trying The Artful Parent’s nifty glue batik idea.  I wanted to test out the technique first so I drew some squiggles in Elmer’s Blue glue on the bottom of the cup and let it dry over night.  Then I colored over the dry glue with the “permanent” markers that came with the cup.  I waited a couple of hours and then stuck the mug under the faucet to try to dissolve the glue.  I was stunned to discover that the marker easily rinsed off of the mug.

I thought maybe the bottom of the mug was a different material than the sides so I tested the marker again on the face of the mug.  I let the marker dry over night.  The following pictures shows what happened to the ink with a few swipes of my finger under running water.

Am I missing something here? The mug didn’t come with instructions.  Was I supposed to bake it or something?

Notes from the Trenches: If you use this kit, make sure to warn the recipient not to actually use the mug because the first time they clean it, all of your tot’s lovely drawings will come right off.

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3 comments to Take 2 – Design-A-Mug: Worst Gift Ever

  • carla

    you are supposed to bake the mugs to let them set. But I have also read somewhere you dont need to spend all this money on a kit, You can simply buy any mug from any store, draw on them with Sharpies and bake it in the oven for 30 Mintues at 350F. I have heard this doesn’t wash off like the dodgy kiddy kits you can buy. I haven’t tried it yet – but it is on my to do list! 😀 good luck!

  • Tatiana

    Most likely, you were supposed to bake the mug after decorating. I know several examples of markers/paints that harden when the item is baked for abt 30 mins at 200 C (not sure what that is inFarenheit.

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