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Teaching Your Tot To Tie A Knot

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From:   I was getting ready to show Sweet Pea a sewing activity (which I will post about next time) when she surprised me by saying she knew how to tie a knot.  Her preschool teacher had shown her this very simple method and in delightful reversal, Sweet Pea was able to teach it to me.


  • Embroidery thread, yarn or string.
  • Dull needle. (Optional.  We found a package of plastic beading needles for kids at Micheal’s, but I can’t find a link.  You could also use a yarn needle.)


  • In Montessori, it is critical for the instructor to learn the material before trying to teach the child.   Make sure you understand this method before you show it to your tot.

1. Thread the needle.2. Hold your hand with your thumb pointing towards your nose. Place the string between your thumb and pointer finger.3. Make a loop around your thumb with the thread.4. Pull the loop tight.
5. Push the needle (or just the end of the thread) under the loop around your thumb.6. Pull the needle all the way through.7. Slip the loop off your thumb and you will see a lose knot.8. Pull the knot tight.

  •  It is very easy to tie the knot once you understand, but I didn’t know if the pictures above were clear enough.   I have also included a quick video to help my explanation.


  • Got it?  Practiced it?  Then you are ready to show your child how to do it.
  • Demonstrate a couple of times and then let your tot try.


Observations:  It was very fun to get a lesson from Sweet Pea and she _loved_ being the one to teach me something.

It is tricky for little hands to manage two separate pieces of thread when trying to tie a knot so I really like this “around the thumb” method.  Many tots would be proud to learn this practical life skill.  This activity is recommended for older preschoolers with good fine motor control.

Notes from the Trenches:  Obviously needles can be sharp and should only be used with supervision.

Rating: 2 Stars *(Easy, Frugal)


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