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Yoga Kids

Sweet Pea is 30 months old.


Sweet Pea demonstrates Downward Facing Dog.


From: Sweet Pea really likes joining me for WiiFit Yoga so when I read about a Yoga Kids dvd on The Adventures of Bear blog, I immediately ordered it from our library.



  • Figure out how to work your dvd player.   😉
  • Pop in a copy of Yoga Kids and start it playing.
  • Help your tot with the poses.

Sweet Pea does a Butterfly pose.

Observations: Sweet Pea has always  loved doing yoga with me.  She was excited from the instant she saw the dvd and couldn’t wait to watch it.  We don’t watch much tv around here, but I am always happy to introduce something that encourages physical activity (especially now that the weather has gotten cold and rainy around here).

I think this was the Volcano pose.
YogaKid-3 YogaKid-4 YogaKid-5

On the first viewing, Sweet Pea needed a lot of help with almost all of the poses.   However, by the second viewing, she was able to start doing quite a few of them on her own.


Sweet Pea does a Lion pose.

Sometime during the middle of the dvd, Sweet Pea ran and grabbed her bunny toy and started making him do the poses with her.


Notes from the Trenches: The first time we watched it, I felt like the time spent on each pose was a bit too brief.  I understand that they need to keep things moving along to hold a child’s attention, but sometimes Sweet Pea hadn’t even figured out how to do a pose before they had moved on to the next one.  The pace of the dvd is probably better suited for an older child.

The last pose is a headstand.  Sweet Pea really wanted to try it and spent quite a while bent over while trying to kick her feet in the air.  I kept imagining her little neck snapping  and tried in vain to instruct her on good headstand technique, but the subtleties were lost on her.   I didn’t want her to do it at all, but she was determined.  We finally compromised and now our headstand pose basically involves me holding Sweet Pea up by her ankles.

Rating: 3 Stars * (Fun, Easy, Frugal – if you check it out from the library)


3 comments to Yoga Kids

  • Thanks for mentioning my blog. I always stop the dvd before they get to that last pose. Guess maybe I should have done a detailed post like you did to warn everyone! Sorry! I also felt that there was too little time spent on the poses at first, but I just paused it while I helped Bear with the pose.

  • My kiddos love to do yoga!

  • We have this DVD, and probably I have to dig it out again. Anna seemed completely lost when she watched it and didn’t want to try any of the pose. I also felt that they move very quicky from pose to pose. But apparently she remembered many of the poses, because she does them on her own without a DVD when the mood strikes her.

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