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Sweet Pea is  30 months old.

From: When I was younger, I was crazy about Zoobooks, which is a high quality children’s magazine about animals.  I thought I might subscribe, and happily discovered that the Zoobooks company now makes a magazine for younger kids called Zootles and one for toddlers called Zoobies.   Our library carries Zoobooks, but unfortunantly not Zootles or Zoobies so I ordered a subscription.




  • Sit on a comfy sofa next to your tot and look through your copy of Zoobies together.  (Or hold them on your lap as you look through the online issue.)
  • Read the words, discuss the pictures and pretend to walk like an animal.
  • Repeat.

Observations: Both Sweet Pea and I are thrilled when our copy of Zoobies shows up in the mail.


I really love that Zoobies contains more in depth information about animals than most other toddler books.  Usually books for tots have such a general overview of a broad subject.  An issue of Zoobies usually has about 15 pages that deal with the same animal.  One page might discuss the animal’s body parts (A bear’s big paw, for example) while another would show its habitat (a polar bear in a cave, for example) and what it eats (honey, fish and berries).


We have re-read each issue many, many times.  I would definitely recommend Zoobies for younger tots.

Notes from the Trenches: Zoobies was age appropriate when I first ordered it, but I think it is just a touch too young for Sweet Pea now.   I am soon going to switch our subscription to Zootles.  If your tot is approaching 3 years old, I would probably start off with Zootles.

I think 6 issues of Zoobies runs about $24, which I find fairly expensive as far as a magazine subscription goes.  However, the “magazine” is more like a child’s book.  The pages are very sturdy, like slick card stock.  Also, there is no advertising, which I love, but I’m sure drives up the price.

Rating: 4 Stars * (Fun, Easy, Independent, Frugal for the online copy or if your library carries them.)


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