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Collecting Pom-Poms

Sweet Pea is 4 years old.

From: When Sweet Pea began to tire of the Tape Maze, I extended it with this activity.


  • Masking Tape.
  • A handful of pom-poms or cotton balls
  • Small bucket or bowl.


  • Set up a tape maze as I described in the Tape Maze activity.
  • Have your child stand at one corner of the tape maze.
  • Give your child some pom-poms and instruct him to throw them onto the maze.

  • Ask your tot walk along the maze and pick up the pom-poms without stepping off the tape lines.

Observations: Sweet Pea loved this activity and repeated it many times.  It was very cute to watch her try to balance on the line and reach out to pick up the pom-poms.

She talked out loud to herself almost the entire time.  I was surprised by how engaged she was with this game.   This was so easy and fun for Sweet Pea.Also, on her own, she decided to line the pom-poms up along the tape and spent quite  a big of time on that too.  Just grab some masking tape and pom-poms and see what you and your tot come up with!

Rating: 4 Stars * (Fun, Easy, Independent, Frugal)



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