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Do-A-Dot Letter Mazes

Sweet Pea was 4 years old.

From: I found this quick Do-A-Dot letter recognition idea at Tons of Fun and also at A Mommy’s Adventures.



  • Using the first worksheet, explain to your tot that it is a letter maze.
  • Use the Do-A-Dot marker to make a dot on the first letter (in the circle) and then ask your tot to find another “A” directly adjacent to the first one.
  • When your tot points out the next “A”, make a dot over it.
  • Again, ask your tot to point to the next “A” and when he does, hand him the Do-A-Dot marker to put a dot over it.
  • Explain that your tot is supposed to keep finding the next “A” until he gets to the last circle.
  • Let your tot try on his own, helping if needed.

Observations: When I first saw this activity, I only printed out a couple of the letter mazes for Sweet Pea, but was surprised by how much Sweet Pea took to  them.  In fact, she insisted that I print out the rest of the letter mazes right away.

Sweat Pea recognizes all her upper case letter and is only a bit shaky on a few of the trickier lower case letters (i l and j) so I thought these worksheets would be too easy for her, but she loved them.

I would highly recommend this activity for any other tots who have just learned or are still working on their letters.

Notes from the Trenches:  Unfortunately, there is no way to erase these Do-A-Dot markers.  Sweet Pea accidentally stamped the wrong letter on one of the worksheets and I thought there were going to be tears.  I only avoided a meltdown by printing a new worksheet.

Rating: 3 Stars * (Fun, Easy, Independent)



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