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Dot Painters


From: I got the idea for this type of art work from Carissa’s tot school post at 1+1+1=1 and I bought the Do-A-Dot Rainbow Painting Set from Micheal’s Craft Store.

Procedure: There isn’t a whole lot to explain.  I just put a piece of paper in front of Sweet Pea, unscrewed the cap on one of the paint daubers and then pressed it on the paper a few times to show her what to do before handing it over.



Observations: She had a really good time with this although she had some difficulty understanding the concept of the dotters.  She kept trying to use them like markers and smear them across the paper.  When she seemed to get a little bored, I started drawing some shapes on paper with a Sharpie and let her color them in.


She especially liked coloring in my rendition of Elmo.


Notes from the Trenches: These can be somewhat messy.   The second time I let her play with these, she didn’t have on a bib and got some ink on her shirt.

Rating: 3 Stars (Easy, Fun, Independent) *

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