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Fill and Spill Bottle


I found this idea at Aday Family Memories, but used pom-poms instead of pasta as another reader suggested.

Sweet Pea really had to concentrate to get the puffs into the bottle.  She was very intent on getting every last one of them into the bottle and then loved shaking them back out again.  We talked about the color of each of the puffs as she put it into the bottle.


From the Trenches: When we were doing this Sweet Pea kept putting the little pom-poms up to her lips and saying “No Eat” while shaking her head back and forth.  I guess the pom-poms might look a little like candy.  In any case, I found  it worrisome enough that I made sure I didn’t so much as turn my back on her during this activity.

Rating: 3-4 stars (fun, easy,  independent, frugal if you use pasta or cut-up straws instead of pom-poms)

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