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Glow Sticks in the Tub

Sweet Pea is 5 years old.

From: I have seen variations on this in a few places: The Chocolate Muffin Tree, Play At Home Mom and Meaningful Mama.


    • Glow Sticks.  (I found a tube of 15 bracelets in the Target Dollar spot for only $1 and Micheal’s Craft Store sells them like that too.)
    • Bath tub.


    • Run the bath water.
    • Bend the sticks to start them glowing.
    • Scatter the sticks into the bath tub.

  •  Turn off the light and invite your tot into the room.

Observations: Sweet Pea was delighted by this and played for a _long_ time in the bathtub.  Among other things, she pretended that the glow sticks were fairies.

This probably wasn’t very educational or interactive with me, but it was a lot of fun for Sweet Pea.    It was also super easy to set up and kept Sweet Pea entertained for a long time.  I was able to sit in the bathroom and browse the web on my phone for at least 20 minutes.  I will definitively be keeping some glow sticks around for days when she is feeling a little stir-crazy or when I just need a break.

I would highly recommend this for preschoolers and up.

Notes from the Trenches:  Obviously, do not leave your tot unsupervised in the bathtub.

Rating: 2 Stars * (Fun, Easy)

Carnivals:  This post is linked up to It’s Playtime @ Messy Kids.

3 comments to Glow Sticks in the Tub

  • Such a great idea! Will be trying this tonight for bathtime. Thanks!

  • Jessica

    I did this with my 1 year old and he loved it! My 7 year old saw it and wanted to try so I saved some for him. They both loved out and want to so it again. My 1 year old put them in the rinse cup and explored the combinations multiplet colors made, how the light colored the bubbles from underneath and surprised me by showing me how they connect if you press one end into the other. (I had regular light sticks)

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